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Friday, November 25, 2011

Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam to develop border region

Vientiane (Vientiane Times/ANN) - Laos will host the 7th Meeting of the Joint Coordination Committee on the Cambodia-Laos-Vietnam (CLV) Development Triangle Area to boost cooperation for the development of their respective economies.

The meeting will be held in Attapeu province from December 6-10, Minister of Planning and Investment Somdy Duangdy announced yesterday.

The meeting will be a good opportunity for Attapeu province to encourage investors from the private sector to consider potential developments in the province, he said.

"We are holding the meeting in Attapeu as the provincial border connects with both Vietnam and Cambodia, which is the best area for facilitating joint development efforts," Somdy said.

Attapeu province has considerable potential in terms of natural resources such as hydropower, agriculture and tourism, as well as being a possible base for industry due to its proximity to Vietnam.

The cooperative meeting will help to develop the triangle area and boost the efforts of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam to attract investment and funding, especially through partnerships with the private sector, he said.

At the meeting, participants will review the implementation of the socio-economic development plan in the triangle area, consult on future cooperation and prepare for the 8th CLV summit in Vietnam next year.

The CLV summit was held for the first time in Laos in 1999. Since then the meeting has been held every two years, with the three nations taking turns to be CLV Joint Coordinator of the Committee and to host the event, Somdy said.

The aim of the summit is to develop the triangle area, and promote peace, stability and socio-economic development. Officials will focus on all areas for improving people's livelihoods and develop their relationships with each other.

The summit has already proved profitable for Laos, which has received US$7.5 million to implement 18 projects in the transport, education and health sectors, he added.

"We are now successfully completing 17 projects in those areas," Somdy said.

"Now we are 100 percent r eady to host the meeting. The government has helped Attapeu province to build conference facilities and has encouraged the private sector to build an international standard hotel and improve roads in the provincial capital."

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