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Thursday, November 23, 2006

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ANGKORCIVILIZATION Ankor Wat is the greatest the monument in Cambodia. Cambodian ancesters were the the most intelligent people back in the ninth century to the fifth teenth century. The cambodian empire was the solid society in the ninth century and later decade. Ankor Wat temple is the spirite of Ankor civilisation and also the solide interests of the Cambodian Empire that stretched from Vietnam to china at tong quang province.

The new generation Cambodians should be proud to have the beautiful temple. To support the beauty of the temple, it is time for million cambodians to vote for this candidate to show the world that this temple is a beautiful artistic work that could not be compare to any others. It is time to make a history, please join the vote for the new7wonders world ancient stucture.

The voting time is from now until July 7, 2007. If you want to vote, please go to this website Read more!