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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cambodia-Vietnam friendship monument, horrific image

The disgrace image statue is showing Cambodian soldier and Vietnamese soldier escorted a woman and her baby off their land. It is a secrecy doctrine motivating vietnamese people to seize Cambodians's land.

By Jeyjomnou

Cambodia is a home of 14 millions Khmers who have been living in a chaotic society under pressure from the neighbouring countries. Cambodia is never at peace.

Before Khmer Rouge regime was the vicious war ripping through the whole country and then Khmer Rouge regime after 17 April 1975 had took 3 million lives of Cambodians and the country to the dinosaurs period that had killed dinosaurs million years ago.

After the horrific Khmer Rouge regime, Cambodian had replenished themselves and diversified adapting to the harsh environment of society because there is always somebody chasing them and trying to harm them in anyway to make them collapse, but they refuse to give up and everytime they fell down, they got up very quick and stronger than before.

Now aday Cambodian are struggling to survive for years to come while there are many predator neighbouring countries trying to move into their land and destroying them and culture. So Cambodia had no friendships or good neighbours in southeast Asia.

But so far Vietnam, one of the neighbouring countries, claiming friendship and a good neighbour to Cambodia. For many years Vietnam had tied the knot brotherhood with Cambodia, but in another way Vietnam had been trying to fool Khmers so that they can come in and stealing everything, politic, economic, land and natural resources.

Furthermore, Vietnam had built Cambodia-Vietnam friendship statue monument to persuade Cambodians to believe friendship is existed, while the reality this friendship had no at all. This statue is image causing confusions to Cambodian society and this image is steering a way an ideas that Khmers had known for many years of this friendship.

The Cambodia-Vietnam friendship monument is showing a Cambodian soldier and Vietnamese soldier standing guard a Cambodian woman and her baby according to the Communist Vietnam had claimed. But it is not what is mean. It is mean a Cambodian woman and her baby are the hostages. The image is showing a woman and her baby in a so sad and sorrow while the two soldiers are chasing them out of their land.

The Cambodia-Vietnam friendship monument is a political image with conspiracy that giving mixed signals to million Cambodians causing interest conflicts, especially to many high ranking government officials with duck heads getting Ph.D certificates without going to school.

The Cambodia-Vietnam friendship statue is the political stone file with secrecy teaching Vietnamese officials and Vietnamese people to drive Cambodian people off their land. And this doctrine is now in the practice everyday ( eviction, land grabbed, intimidations, threats and murders) to achieve the notorious doctrine of communist Vietnam.

Some people said this statue is a disgrace and brought the so many pain to Cambodian people, some said this statue is quite horrified to people, but whatever they thought must be quite right. And this statue must be brought down to rehabilitate horrified feeling of Cambodians and tourists around the world. As long as this image is existing, the growing pain of people around the world will be existed. It is a fake friendship causing confusion around the world.
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Southeast Asian countries fail to reach full agreement on human rights

MANILA, Philippines: Southeast Asian diplomats have failed to reach full agreement on creation of a human rights commission under a landmark charter they are drafting, a diplomat said Sunday.

Military-ruled Myanmar, which has been condemned for its dismal human rights record, has objected to any mention of a human rights commission in the charter being drafted by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

Diplomats in an ASEAN task force writing the charter will submit a draft that includes formation of a rights commission to the bloc's foreign ministers at their annual meeting in Manila on Monday, a diplomat on the task force said. But the document will state that Myanmar did not accept the commission, leaving it to the ministers to resolve the issue, the diplomat told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because of not being authorized to speak to the media.

Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam also suggested they are not ready for the immediate establishment of such a body, which could deal with human rights violations in the region, the diplomat said.

Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam — ASEAN's most recent members — all have authoritarian or single-party governments.

Separately, a Philippine proposal for a clause in the charter allowing ASEAN to vote on critical issues to hasten decisions instead of its normal reliance on consensus was struck down. It was also decided that there will be no mention of sanctions for member states for serious breaches of the charter, the diplomat said.

The ministers could decide to outline some kind of sanctions in a separate implementing document, the diplomat said.

ASEAN conference spokesman Claro Cristobal said he was not aware of details of recent deliberations on the charter but stressed that any draft produced by the task force could still be changed by the foreign ministers or ASEAN heads of state.

"This is a very important document," he said. "It has the potential of binding half a billion people's lives so every great deliberation is important."

Creation of an ASEAN rights body has been a high priority for the Philippines, the host of this year's meeting, with Foreign Secretary Alberto Romulo saying it would give the group "more credibility in the international community."

ASEAN, formed 40 years ago, decided to draft a charter to become a more rules-based organization with better bargaining power in international negotiations. It hopes the charter can be formally signed at an annual ASEAN leaders' summit in November.

The debate on the proposed charter reflects how ASEAN's diverse membership, including fledgling democracies, communist countries and a military dictatorship, has hobbled decision-making and rapid progress on key issues.

Enshrining human rights protection in the charter has been a touchy issue because some ASEAN countries have spotty rights records, such as Myanmar.

Some ASEAN members fear such a commission could allow scrutiny of rights conditions in one country, possibly violating the group's cardinal policy of noninterference in each other's affairs.

Human rights groups complain that ASEAN's noninterference principle has fostered undemocratic regimes in the region.

Senior ASEAN diplomats were working separately in Manila to prepare a heavy agenda for the foreign ministers, who began arriving Sunday.

They are expected to tackle terrorism, better enforcement of a regional anti-nuclear treaty, disaster management and ways to help poorer members catch up with wealthier ones to foster faster economic integration.

A draft of a statement to be issued by the ministers on Monday calls on all member states to ratify an ASEAN convention on counterterrorism that was signed by heads of state early this year.

It also calls on ASEAN countries to intensify efforts to better enforce a 2002 accord that aims to prevent armed confrontations in disputed territories in the South China Sea.

ASEAN was founded as an anti-communist organization during the Cold War but has evolved into a trade and political bloc. It consists of Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.
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Bomb hits Cambodia-Vietnam statue in Phnom Penh

Cambodia-Vietnam friendship monument is the image causing confusion to 14 million Cambodian and the Youngsters. This image is the source of problem that disturbing Cambodia Civilization and society. It is the image of a Cambodian soldier and a Vietnamese soldier in a siege of a Cambodian woman and a baby.

The statue, in reality showing the progress of those soldier hunting and robbing Cambodian women and children. It is a political stone file with the temptation last forever for Vietnamese to learn for decades to come. Land grabbing and eviction and home demolition are exactly like that Cambodia-Vietnam friendship monument. There is no friendship between Cambodia and Vietnam and that image is must be disappeared.

PHNOM PENH (Reuters) - A bomb exploded at a Cambodia-Vietnam friendship monument in Phnom Penh on Sunday, forcing the evacuation of a public park where two other devices were found and defused, police said.

The 10-kg bomb detonated around dawn, causing no injuries and little damage to the stone statue erected after Vietnam's invasion of Cambodia and defeat of the Khmer Rouge in 1979.

"This site represents the friendship of Cambodia and Vietnam. This plot was meant to destroy that relationship," Phnom Penh police chief Touch Naroth told Reuters at the scene.

He said police had no suspects.

The statue, which portrays a Cambodian soldier and a Vietnamese comrade standing protectively over a Cambodian woman and her baby, is in a park near Prime Minister Hun Sen's residence.

Hun Sen and other top members of his Cambodian People's Party (CPP) were with Vietnam's army of invasion and were installed and supported as rulers of Cambodia during Vietnam's decade-long occupation.

In 1998, opposition protesters, who have accused Hun Sen of having too close a relationship with Hanoi, attacked the statue with hammers and set it alight with petrol.

The incident drew a formal protest from Vietnam.
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