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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Thailand: Thai border with Vietnam in less than 100 years

Ankorcivilization: Cambodia is a former empire in the Southeast Asia. Ankors are standing tall smiling at the Universe looking to million miles above top of trees. The mighty Kingdom and the tough wariors had left their Champion for the new generation Khmers. The wariors' bloods are still remain inside each Khmer children. Will the new generation of Khmers fight for the retired smiling faces of Ankors?

Recently, on March 1, 2007, a Thai expert had given a speech on Thailand TV channel 5 about the future of Cambodia. He predicted that in less than 100 years Thailand border will be tied with Vietnam border. The Thai expert named Dak Tal Nikdephumnavarat had predicted political movement and the future expansion of Thailand in the Southeast Asia. Thailand is dreaming of being super power in Southeast Asia, and will its dream be good or bad luck for Thais in the future?

A Cambodian student named Chhuon Chhung who is studying in Thailand wrote a letter to Radio Free Asia about the Dak Tal expertise predicting the fate of Cambodia. The Radio Free Asia had broadcasted in debate sparkling worried for some Cambodian nationalists. There is not no surprise that Thailand had attempted to control Cambodia. Thailand had been remove border demarcation deep into Cambodia land.

Thailand is the biggest threat to Cambodia in the future. And what is going to happen? There had been 60 years for Thailand building up its military muscle with Tanks, machine guns, war planes, fighter jets, missiles and it is ready for the battle at any time.

Cambodia was just getting up from murderous pit killing field. And it is slimming bone, hungry and very vulnerable. The Killing Field of Pol Pot had killed 2.5 million Cambodians. The majority of them had died from starvation and killing buried in mass grave. The killings were speeding up in June of 1979 to achieve the slaughter plan before Vietnamese soldiers toppled its regime. All dead bodies were floating in rice padding fields.

And now Cambodians are facing uncertainty of days to come. They are hungry and vulnerable, but they are got sharp teeth like Hyena willing to bite and fight anything. Cambodians had fought so many wars and surviving in all kind of situations.

Thailand and Cambodia are going to solve some long-disputed border demarcation and sea water area. It had been an issues never been solved, and now US giant Oil company had struck Oil wealth in the gulf of Cambodia where Thailand and Cambodia had claimed for both side. The future doesn't look good for the Southeast Asia. Will Oil wealth engulf in flame of war? Can the US protect its Oil or black gold found in the Cambodian Sea Water if the region be shaken?

Thailand have been a bad neighbour who like steal several things from Cambodia and killing Cambodians. During long war which Cambodia was in about 40 years, Thailand had stolen so may things from Cambodia, Things are like culture, land, natural resources and Ankor statues. Many statues were taken from Ankor Wat Temple and other several temples in Cambodia.

And now Thailand is planning to hunt down the whole country to the end of border with Vietnam. It will be a bad dream or big mistake if Thailand dear to invade Cambodia.

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Cambodia premier warns politicos against land grabbing

Phnom Penh - Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen criticized his party members for land grabbing during an internal meeting of the Cambodian People's Party (CPP), according to a statement received Sunday.

The statement and sources close to the ruling party said Hun Sen had warned the senior CPP members to desist from land grabbing and other abuses of power.

He also removed the former governor of north-eastern Ratanakiri province, Kham Khoeun, from the party's central committee. Khoeun was recently sentenced in absentia to 17 years in prison by a Cambodian court for his conviction of involvement in a 2004 illegal logging scandal in a protected area of the province.

Foreign Minister Hor Namhong, a former Khmer Rouge cadre member who defected to Vietnam and returned as a member of the nucleus that overthrew that regime in 1979, was promoted to become a party Permanent Committee member at the same meeting, the statement said, as was Constitutional Council president Bin Chhin.

Chhin led a recent delegation to neighbouring Vietnam aimed at building Cambodian government expertise in clarifying legal documents such as land titles, solving election disputes and fighting government corruption.

The 30-member Permanent Committee is pivotal in formulating party policy.

CPP sources said Hun Sen has grown increasingly impatient with party members who abuse their positions to take land from poor rural villagers and that at least one senior military official has already been forced to give land back to the government.

Donors, rights workers and political analysts have warned that if the problem is not solved, it could disenfranchise CPP supporters in the party's heartland rural areas and eventually lead to political instability. Donors have threatened to withold funds to the aid-dependent nation if endemic corruption is not curbed through legislation.

The Central Committee meeting, held Saturday, came less than a month before vital national commune elections scheduled for April 1.

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Cambodia's ruling party support ECCC to try DK leaders

The Cambodian People's Party ( CPP) supports the Extraordinary Chamber in the Courts of Cambodia ( ECCC ) to try former Democratic Kampuchea (DK) leaders, said a CPP statement received on Sunday.

The stance was clarified at the general assembly of the 33rd central steering committee of CPP held here on Saturday.

The major ruling party agreed with the principles of the agreement between the Cambodian government and the United Nations on the trial of former DK leaders, it added.

In early January, Chea Sim, CPP President and also Senate President, said that CPP supported the ongoing process of the ECCC, which was conducted on the correct timing basis.

Earlier this week, ECCC spokesman Reach Sambath told reporters that ECCC would start their task soon.

The UN plans to meet in Thailand to discuss internal regulations for ECCC, Cambodian officials plan to discuss them in Phnom Penh, and the two sides will later meet for final decision, which will then facilitate the start of trial.

The UN and the Cambodian government co-established ECCC to try the former DK leaders at the expenses of 53.6 million U.S. dollars.

According to independent research, about 1.7 million people died of starvation, overwork and mass grave killing in the DK era in the 1970s.

Source: Xinhua

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