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Sunday, October 15, 2006

KI Media

mysterious blackout for women garment factory worker

October 15,2006.
By jeyjomnou

Russie keo garment factory workers were fainted sending some of them to hospital. This is the first time in the history of garment workers were striked into unconsciousness by lacking of health and sefty measure invironment. There were 64 women losing consciousness. The fainting may have bee caused by the chemical treated textile. A doctor at Preah Kossomak Hospital which treated 29 women claimed that the women were weak because poor diet. But this is not the main factor that causee a mass unconsciousness. The official could not be reached by phone or contacted. The doctor claimed that women were poor diet, he is partially right. Because all women and men who are working in garment factory are getting minimum wage $45 a month which is not enough money to pay rent and food supply for themselves and the majority of them also supporting families at the remote villages. There are not enough food and medication for them who is working in a bad environment. An other factor are chemical reaction in the air becoming poisonous. The majority of women like to wear perfumes and aerosol spray, deodorized and other make up. All of these are chemical compound that are casting smell of fumes mixed in the air causing chemical reaction for poisoning them. The lacking of food, diet and medication is weakning their body every day easily for them to collapse. Read more!

Friday, October 13, 2006

This web site is a proud of a man who has so much for the world. he is the man who inspired a lot of people. he also is a hero, brave and never tired of doing something for the people , especially for all civilizations decended from the era of Ankor. The very proud of mighty stones ever lasting smile to thousnd miles of the whole world. Read more!