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Monday, February 12, 2007

UN: Cambodia Economic grow 9.5 per cent in 2006, but never realized Million Poor Cambodians no water to drink


The UN: Cambodia Economic grew 9.5 per cent in 2006. The Economic growth was fuel by political stability in the country.

Good domestic products grew 13.4 per cent increase. The economic institute in Cambodia estimated good domestic product income worth $ 6.5 billion dollars.

With all of these good news, everybody seem very happy with economic growth and the $ 6.5 billion income. And everybody probably thought that the strive hard worth the return of this accomplishment (especially the UN). But the dark side is, how much did they know about Cambodia?, million Cambodian didn't even have fresh water to drink.

Million poor children have no access to school, the majority of them had no fresh water to drink and malnourished. All parents and children are living in a chaotic traumatized days and nights thinking about what they could get to fill their stomach for the next day. Someday they got a little bit food to eat and someday they didn't eat at all. Many of children are dying of starvation keeping their family member shrinking from generation to generation.

Pol Pot regime was a very tough one which Khmers never forget and all Killing Field Survivors (KFS) are living with psychological trauma. All of the Killing Field Survivors had never been rehabilitated. They are all living through the dust an unforgiven society (survive is harder than die). Everyday million Cambodians are begging for lives to live, but some unfortunate Khmers were not allowed to live (even a venue to be alive was not given).

Phnom Penh is the place where UN, donors and people around the world called the BOOM TOWN (Capital city), yes, it is. There are businesses, market square, government building, the rich, the Big fat government officials. But Phnom Penh is the blind fold for the World.

Billion dollars a year poured in Cambodia, hopefully 14 million Cambodians are not homeless and no beggars. But right now there are more beggars everywhere in the country and also more homeless people while more donations poured in and economic risen 9.5 per cent.

What happened was the million dollars financial and donation support for the Government keep boosting and bold strengthening corruption in the government and public level. It is Billion dollars windfall for the criminals to get bigger and fatter. And those criminals got more strength and stronger to flatten poor Villagers from their land, more people are now homeless, no food and no medication.

The UN and Donors around the world had poured billion of dollars to help poverish Cambodians; but instead, they are financing criminal activities in Cambodia without knowing that they are destroying Cambodia and the future of million children. In Cambodia today, every link and businesses, even people talking to people are money talks (bribes). If you don't have money, sorry keep going.

Phnom Penh is the very safe heaven for all level corrupted government officials and criminals. Especially the high ranking ministers, they are fat and ugly with high Villas lavished life. And each of them has two or three wives plus mistresses. Those Hells are living like no tomorrow. They are going after any thing and grabbed whatever they could. There is no law but bribes or money (law is just for putting low cast in jail).

There is nothing to stop those criminal officials from malicious act. The anti-corruption laws were no implemented because those supposed to sign the law are the perpetrators. And if they pass the law, there will be no free million dollars gift for them any more. So they just keep holding on the power as CPP monopoly political party and using all kind tactic, threats, beating, intimidation, suppression and killing.

Phnom Penh is the heaven for the riches and tourists. Phnom Penh is the smiling faces of government buildings at water front side showing delegations from around the world to see and believing that Cambodia is a better place and good future for million Cambodians. But those UN officials and delegations had never seen the outskirt of Phnom Penh and the remote towns.

All remote towns are like hell. There are no fresh water, food, hospital and people are living under the sacks, huts and trees. Every winter and rainy season, god had punished them by blowing Strong cold wind and poured rainy water on their dwellings. The body was soaked wet with water and shaky. They all got a little nap in a sitting curl up position. What is good about billion dollars donation to fight poverty? What is good about about economic growth?

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Bridge links Viet Nam, Cambodia (another new Vietcong Trail?)

Feb.12, 2007

DONG THAP — Viet Nam and Cambodia got a little closer to become Hanoi' domination last Friday. With the joined cooperation between the two countries policy that were signed stacking up ton of times, Vietnam is seeing all chew bones for the hungry Hyenas.

After a year of construction, the Dinh Ba Bridge, connecting Dong Thap Province in Viet Nam and Preyveng Province in Cambodia, officially opened. It is another Ho Chi Minh tail that keep Vietnameses flow into Cambodia non-stopped. What will future like for Cambodia?

Cambodia is a living rat inside snake' iron cage. Politically, Vietnamized administration controlling, blocking the progress in all Government level. And all level in the Ministries in Cambodia are controlling by the CPP. Corruptions are free meals sharing among the Government officials.

The bridge links people travelling through the Dinh Ba border crossing to Cambodia’s Bon Tia Chac Cray check stop across the So Ha River. The total cost of the project was VND5 billion (US$312,000) and was funded by the Vietnamese government.

The new bridge is expected to facilitate trade, tourism and cultural ties between the two countries, particularly for Viet Nam’s Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta provinces and eastern communities in Cambodia.

Before all Vietnamese who were crossing to Cambodia being illegal, and now thousand of them can freely travelling through the border and building their dwellings inside Cambodia land. The border have been shrinking from generation to generation. It was a very big lost in the American war with Hanoi in 1970. Read more!

Singaporean company invests castor oil plantation in Cambodia

The government of Cambodia's Pursat province has sign an agreement with a Singaporean company to invest a castor oil plantation there, a government official said on Monday.

Chay Sareth, governor of Pursat province and Peter Cheng, representative of Vander Horst Jatropha oil plantation PTE Ltd. of Singapore, signed the agreement at the provincial hall on Feb. 7, Pich Horn, deputy governor of Pursat province told Xinhua by phone.

The Singaporean company will provide local people with the seeds and technique for planting Jatropha Curcas, a kind of plant which can be refined into castor oil, and they will buy it back in appropriate price, Pich Horn said.

This investment will help local people to get jobs and promote economic development of the country, he said.

Peter Cheng told the governor that his company also plans to build a factory to refine the castor oil in this province for exporting and local use, he added.

Peter Cheng said that his company, which has a big factory in Singapore, has invested to plant the Jatropha Curcas in many Asian countries, such as Indonesia, India, Burma, Laos and Vietnam, Pich Horn said.

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Political stability helping Cambodia's economy: UN Cambodia

CambodiaIn Depth

The United Nations says the economy in Cambodia grew by 9.5 per cent last year, attributing growth to political stability after three decades of civil war.

The economic performance followed a record 13.4 per cent growth in Cambodia's gross domestic product in 2005. The UN says apart from booming tourism and rising garment exports, political stability after three decades of civil war, including the Khmer Rouge's brutal rule in the 1970s, helped spur Cambodia's economy.

The Economic Institute of Cambodia estimated the country's gross domestic product at $US6.5 billion dollars last year. Read more!

Hong Kong youth traditional about sex

Hong Kong (dpa) - Hong Kong has a reputation as one of Asia's raciest and most cosmopolitan cities, but when it comes to sex, its young people are surprisingly traditional, according to a survey released Monday.

Nearly 50 per cent of university and college students said they thought premarital sex was unacceptable while 30 per cent said they would be unhappy if the man or woman they married was not a virgin, according to the survey conducted by the Christian group the Hong Kong Sex Culture Society.

Asked what form of contact was appropriate for boyfriends and girlfriends before marriage, 411 of the 943 students polled said kissing. Only 27 per said they thought sex was appropriate.

Seventy per cent of the young people questioned said they believed in lifelong unions and that people should look for partners who they would remain with for life. The results demonstrated how traditional beliefs about marriage and morality still largely hold sway in the city of 6.8 million.

Because of the city's size, most college and university students in Hong Kong live at home rather than on campus. Young people usually carry on living with their parents until, and sometimes after, they marry. Read more!

Cambodia to send nearly 200 athletes to attend SEAGAMES

Cambodia will send nearly 200 athletes to compete in the Southeast Asia Games (SEAGAMES) to be held in Thailand, the Commercial Daily here on Sunday quoted sports officials as saying.

The team will comprise 189 athletes, 59 of them women, 46 coaches and 22 supervisors, they said.

All the athletes are to be rallied up for training on March 1, they said.

Mainly because of geographic and traffic convenience, Cambodia decided to dispatch a large team there, they added.

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