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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Cambodia demands return of its brides

Cambodia's former king is demanding that brides from the country be returned from Taiwan, where many have been abandoned by local men and led into prostitution or harsh labour deals to keep their visas.

The demand casts new light on the darker side of a preference by many Taiwanese men for brides from less developed Asian countries, including China and some Southeast Asian nations.

"Taiwanese 'gentlemen' have brought Cambodian women to be their 'spouses'," former King Norodom Sihanouk said in his country's newspapers. "Today, these Khmer women have been thrown into the streets by these very arrogant and contemptuous false husbands."

Sihanouk, though he has held no government title, is one of the most respected figures in Cambodia. Sihanouk's son Norodom Sihamoni is now king of the impoverished nation.

About 4,500 Cambodians live in Taiwan on spouse visas, according to government statistics. Taiwan men, unable to find brides at home, often look to Southeast Asia, where many women want to live in modern societies such as Taiwan's.

But some marriages go bad and some are fake, leading women to prostitution or other forms of illegal labour to keep their Taiwan residence permits.

This week Taiwan rebuffed the former king's request, arguing that the Cambodian brides came to the island legally and can leave whenever they like.

"We're a free country. We're not going to say 'you've got to come,'" said Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman David Wang. "From Taiwan's point of view, the issue is whether they cleared immigration legally."

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Syrians Outclass Cambodia

Syria humble Cambodia as they pumped 5 goals though the latter managed to get one back.

The Syrians had already cemented their place in the finals and so the Coach Fajer Ibraahem made 5 changes to the team that played against India including captain marvel Maher Al Sayed and regular goalkeeper Mowssab Blahowss.

This was in no way though weakening a very impressive Syrian squad whose bench strength had the likes of Khaled Albaba.The Syrians were all set to take maximum points out of their 4 games.

It was the pairing of Zyad Chaabo and Mohammed Alzeno, which rattled a lackluster Cambodian defense. The first goal came in the 25th minute after a Zyad Chaabo’s front pass was caught on by Alzeno’s run, which beat the defenders to score. The score read 1-0.

The Cambodians were unable to hold the ball and looked absolutely outclassed by their opponents. The scorer Alzeno now turned provider for Zyad Chaabo who scored from a yard out after the number 7’s shot in the box got deflected. The first half ended at 2-0 to the Syrians who have undoubtedly been the team of the tournament.

The second half saw a double change by the Syrian Coach. Captain Maher Al Sayed came on to score twice. It took him just 6 mins to break the Cambodian offside trap and increase the Syrians lead to 3 in the 51st minute.

The Cambodians pulled one back after Sam El Nasa’s shot got deflected by a defender and was put in by Vathanak from a yard out. 3-1 to the Syrians in the 70th minute.

10 minutes later the Syrians replied in style with Aatef Jenayat’s shot from the outside of the box hit the underside of the cross bar and fell into the Cambodian net. The Cambodians were no match and as hard as they tried were beaten by a better side.

To rub salt to their wound Maher Al Sayed broke the offside trap again as he latched onto a Mahmoud Al Amena goal to finish the game on two goals in the 86th minute. 5-1 it remained after 90 and 5 minutes of added time The Cambodians were outclassed, outranked and outplayed by the Syrians.

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