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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Thai-Soeur Brarn soldiers terorized Cambodian village.

On thursday Nov.29, 2006; Thai soldiers had crossed the cambodian border to destroy Khmer villagers' house. The Thai soldiers were estimated about 300 of them had crossed the border destroying the villagers' house at bboiy bbet, bontaiy meanchey province. The thai soldiers had claimed that the villagers had built the house on the white zone.

After cambodian police officers and border guards had intervened the action, the black dressed thai soldiers had pulled back to 400 metre from the border. They are still demanding cambodian villagers to remove the houses a long the canal on the cambodia side.

Thai soldiers had done a grissly actions on cambodian people in several times before. This is to show that they are really disrespect the Cambodian Soveriegnty and looked down on the Kingdom of Cambodia. The acts were evil to ward Cambodians people and the country. This is a terrorist action should cambodia taking action to solve the border issue.

SRP official Son chhey had VOA that he will write a letter to Thai priminister, surayut chhulanont hopfully he will be responded. The Cambodia soldiers are now guarding the region to make the villagers feel safe.

The confrontation had several times in the past between both sides of the borders. And all incidents were initiated by thai soldiers crossing the border to Cambodia. Read more!