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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Spread of dengue fever down in Cambodia

PHNOM PENH, Sept. 8 (Xinhua) -- The recent spreading rate of dengue fever has been down by 60 to 70 percent in Cambodia, thanks to the multi-level anti-epidemic efforts carried out by the government and international organizations, local media said on Saturday.

Earlier this year when the disease maintained its peak of spread, some 1,000 people were contaminated on average each week, and recently the figure was brought down to 300 to 400, Chinese-language newspaper the Commercial Daily quoted health official as saying.

The progress came along, after the Cambodian government, in conjunction with the anti-epidemic staff members at various levels, made concerted efforts to help residents clean their living areas and kill mosquitoes in large quantities, the paper said.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization, the World Bank and the Asia Development Bank extended huge aid to the country in the field of epidemic containment, which also resulted in the back-off of dengue fever.

According to the statistics from the Cambodian Ministry of Health, altogether 370 children died of the disease while 35,000 people were hospitalized for contamination so far this years.
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Private sectors urged Cambodian government to allow them own real estate property

Cambodia's private sector has urged the government to allow foreign ownership this week saying an open-minded real estate market would promote economic growth.

The Cambodian investment law was amended back in 2005 to allow foreign ownership of permanent fixtures, but as yet has not been enforced. The non-implementation of the act has in fact rendered the amendments as a forgotten law, and as such has now become out dated. In the current legal understanding, the old law will only allow a property investment in the name of a Cambodian national but with the pressure from the private sector to increase wealth, urgent action will be required.

Chris Green, Head of Research at Obelisk International says ‘The key improvements to the property investment law would open up a whole new economic world to the country of Cambodia. These measures would not only further develop Cambodia's property investment market, but the new interest from those investors who want to take advantage early, will not only create a boom putting Cambodia on the map, but will also make the country more competitive with its neighbours.’

American lawyer and chairman of the International Business Club, Bretton Sciaron comments on the property investment news ‘There are several reasons for urgent action, this is already a sector of the economy that is dynamic, but foreign ownership of apartments, condominiums and other such structures on the land will help spur further economic growth. Such a regulatory development will provide a dramatic indication that Cambodia has an investor-friendly environment.’

Vast new building projects have increased over the past few years, including a great number of satellite cities worth billions of dollars that when completed will fundamentally alter the appearance of the capital. After years of disorder within Cambodia, the country is now turning things around as a growing economy posting a steady 11% growth over the last three years, fuelled by a strong tourism industry and clothing manufactures.

Cambodian Commerce Minister, Cham Prasidh said that Cambodia still relies on international aid for half of its annual budget, but must now diversify by seeking more varied foreign investments. ‘There are other sectors we are trying to encourage, but we have to find out what are the sectors where we can be competitive. If we try to produce the same thing as Thailand or Malaysia, it will be very difficult’.

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Sri Lanka confront Cambodia in their first match

S.M. Jiffrey Abdeen, Kandy Sports correspondent

RUGBY: Sri Lanka meet newcomers Cambodia in the opening match of the Singer SriLankan International Rugby Sevens which is also an IRB Satellite Tournament which will be played at the Nittawela Rugby Stadium in Kandy today. This match will be played at 10 a.m.

On form Sri Lanka should have no difficulty in overcoming the Cambodians who will be participating in this tournament for the first time. Sri Lanka who are in Pool A will take on Kazakhstan 11.40 a.m. Sri Lanka will play their third match for the day at 4.40 p.m. against Thailand. Their fourth match will be on Sunday against the defending champions Korea at 11.40 a.m.

This tournament will be played in two pools after Japan and Arabian Gulf pulled out of the tournament. The pool draw is as:

Pool A: Sri Lanka, Korea, Cambodia, Thailand, Kazakhstan

Pool B: Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, China.

The rest of the International matches for today are:

10 a.m Sri Lanka vs Cambodia, 10.20 a.m. Thailand vs Kazakhstan, 10.40 a.m. Chinese Taipei vs India, 11 a.m. Hong Kong vs Malaysia, 11.20 a.m. Korea vs Cambodia, 11.40 a.m. Sri Lanka vs Kazakhstan, 12 noon China vs India, 12.20 p.m. Chinese Taipei vs Malaysia, 12.40 p.m. to 2 p.m. Women's rugby, 2 p.m. Korea vs Kazakhstan, 2.20 p.m. Thailand vs Cambodia, 2.40 p.m. China vs Malaysia, 3 p.m. Hong Kong vs India, 3.20 p.m. to 4.20 p.m. Schools Cup Quarter finals, 4.40 p.m. Sri Lanka vs Thailand, 5 p.m. Chinese Taipei vs Hong Kong.

On Sunday the International and schools matches will be continued.

There will be a March past and elephant parade form 12.20 p.m. to 1.20 p.m.

Finals: Schools Bowl finals at 1.20 p.m., Schools Plate finals 3.40 p.m., Schools Cup finals at 4.50 p.m., International Bowl Finals at 4 p.m., International Plate finals at 4.20 p.m., International Cup Finals at 5.30 p.m.

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