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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dance fest to help Cambodian kids

By Katheleen Conti

Lowell’s United Teen Equality Center will host a break-dance competition, or B-boy battle, from 3 to 8 p.m. today to help a Tyngsborough teen raise funds to assist children in Cambodia.

Rachel Field, 17, was invited by best friend, Andrew Sinuon, and his family to vacation with them June 27 in their homeland, but she said she “didn’t feel right’’ going to a poorer country on vacation “and not do something about it.’’ Field will bring funds raised to the Green Gecko Project, a school for poor children in Cambodia. Field said, she’ll partner with friends of the Sinuons to travel and donate food and goods to local villages.

Field will film her experiences for a possible documentary, as well as her blog, Through events including a yard sale and car wash, Field, a member of United Teen Equality Center, has raised about $1,000.

Tickets for the break-dance competition, featuring Lowell and Boston teens, are $8 at the door, 34 Hurd St., Lowell. Checks should be made out to UTEC, with the memo “Change for Cambodian Children.’’

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