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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Pakistan Ranked 108 In World Competitiveness

According to information during the survey in 2008 it was found that out of 125 countries Pakistan ranked 108 in competitiveness. In order to improve its ranking it has to take positive measures. On Saturday concerning to this Karachi National Productivity Organization’s (NPO’s) office was inaugurated. It was decided to allocated fund of Rs. 55 million for hiring technical expertise. With the help of technical assistance productivity will be improved.

The first target is to improve present use of energy. The essential need is to increase its productivity with less use of resources and electricity. Dr Soomro said many industrial units are misusing their resources and production level is also very low that is a main reason behind the low ranking in world competitiveness. MOI&P is providing assistance in research and study to device new ways of increasing production with low energy use. NPO has opened his operation in Multan and Karachi and their two new offices have been inaugurated. In 1961 APO was established. The main reason of founding Asian Productivity Organization was to increases the productivity in region. Pakistan was the founding member of this organization.

Japan, Republic of Korea, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, India, Taiwan, Nepal, Malaysia, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Fiji, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Islamic Iran, Mongolia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Laos are the members of APO.

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