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Monday, May 17, 2010

Mobile phones on rise in Cambodia

The use of mobile phones in Cambodia is remarkably popular and increased year by year, a government data showed on Monday.

The data of the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication showed that the number of mobile phones used by the end of 2009 was 6.3 million, an increase from 3.8 million a year ago.

And by the first quarter of 2010, it estimated the mobile phone users at about 7.1 million, or about half of the country's total populations of 14.7 million.

Currently, there are nine mobile phone companies running in the country with Mobitel, owned by local tycoon Kith Meng of Royal Group, known as leading in the sector and followed by the new investment from Vietnam, known as Metfone or Vietell

The other seven are Hello, Mfone, Star Cell, Beeline, Smart Phone, QB, and Excell.

The number of mobile phone users in the country had risen over past years, and competition is also growing as users have choices to select which one is his/her favorite.

Many suggest that the boom of mobile phone users in the country is partly contributed by the economic growth and business demands in Cambodia's markets.

Source: Xinhua

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