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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cambodia renovates, builds 1,082 km of road in 2009

Cambodia has renovated and built about 1,082 kilometers of road linking across the country in 2009, a government's data showed Tuesday.

The data filed by Ministry of Public Works and Transportation showed that in 2009 with some work started in 2008, as long as 1, 082 kilometers of national road linking across the nation have been renovated and built.

It said of the above total distance, China's assistance was involved in the building projects with 791.55 kilometers, 135.7 kilometers from South Korea and 91 kilometers from Japan.

Beside the renovating and building of the national roads with asphalt, the government also made maintenance with total distance of 2,724 kilometers with asphalt and 992 kilometers with red soil.

Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen has announced his commitment to renovate and build as many roads and bridges as possible to help people with quick access to other parts of the country that will help ease the time consuming and transportation cost.

In recent years, many new roads have been built across the country.

In many occasions, Hun Sen said when "there is road, there is hope."

Source: Xinhua

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