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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Killing fields to harvest fields: AEF launches work in Cambodia

“God is opening a new door in Cambodia, transforming the killing fields into the glorious harvest fields for the Gospel,” declared Dr Jonathan James, the international director of AEF as he officially launched the new ministry of Asia Evangelistic Fellowship (AEF) Cambodia in Kampong Thom province, the one time home of the infamous Pol Pot, on December 5th 2009. Dr James, in his message, encouraged the Cambodian church to marvel at the providence and grace of God in that after prolonged years of unrest, war, genocide and instability, “Cambodia’s day has come”.

Nearly 120 national pastors and leaders attended the launch and commissioning service of the newly-elected board of AEF Cambodia with Dr Felipe Castro as national director and regional director for Indo-China and Pastor Khan Khon as chairman of the board of directors. Representatives from twenty churches in various districts pledged their support for the AEF vision of training nationals to reach nationals and joined the fellowship as its initial members.

Dr Felipe Castro shared that what Cambodia needs is culture-specific evangelism and discipleship strategies and AEF, an Asian mission with nearly 50 years of experience in Asia, founded by Asian evangelist, the late Dr G D James, has come to Cambodia at such a time as this for the undergirding and strengthening of the Cambodian Church. “AEF will assist village churches in training and mission development”, he added. In an earlier meeting, Dr Jonathan James and Dr Castro met with Rev Timothy Ith, the Principal of the Phnom Penh Bible College in Phnom Penh, the capital city. Rev. Ith warmly welcomed AEF’s presence into the nation and agreed to serve on the Advisory board of the local fellowship.

Outreach plans

Pastor Khon, the AEF Chairman said that AEF Cambodia hopes to train and appoint local workers to be placed in mission points in all the 14 provinces. After the initial business meeting of the board, the Secretary, Mr. Choun Kimyan shared the minutes of the meeting mentioning that the AEF Board has appointed a worker to reach out to the Kuoy tribal group, one of the unreached cultural minorities in the nation. Kimyam also shared that within a year; the board hopes to establish a training centre in Stung Treng, in the north east section of the country to train Indo-Chinese people for missions and evangelism from the surrounding regions. An annual Bible teaching conference will be organized to fall in place with the launch date of the fellowship in December.


On the Sunday after the launch of AEF, the international director Jonathan James spoke at a special evangelistic outreach rally, organized by the Chairman, Pastor Khan on the grounds of a local Church in Kampong Thom. Some 200 people from the surrounding villages attended the rally and 20 people from Khmer and tribal backgrounds accepted the Lord Jesus as their personal Savior at the close of the meeting. There was much praise to God for the blessings of His word and local pastors shared that this is indeed another evidence of the great hunger for the Gospel in the land.

Prayers needed

AEF International and AEF Cambodia would like to solicit fervent prayers for the nation of Cambodia and for the Church to grow and mature in every way. Prayers are also appreciated for the vision and mission of AEF that it will be established in Cambodia for the glory of His name

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