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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Business community hopes Thai-Cambodian rift to be solved peacefully

BANGKOK, Businesspersons who have invested in Cambodia are expressing hope that the rift between Thailand and Cambodia will not lead to the border closure and expect the tensions can eventually be resolved peacefully.

In a seminar on "Thai feelings and business in Cambodia" held at Thammasat University in Bangkok, Somsak Rinruengsin, chairman of the Thai Business Council of Cambodia, said the problem between Thailand and Cambodia was the rift between the two countries' governments.

The Thai government had reiterated that it will not let the problem affect people-to-people relations and the investments of the business community, he said.

Mr Somsak said he wished to convey the message to fellow businesspersons investing in Cambodia not to panic over the problem and said that Thai businesses are still operating in Cambodia as usual, though with some concern.

"The private sector believes the government of Thailand and Cambodia are able to finally find a joint solution. I have been doing business in Cambodia for 10 years and have sailed through various incidents in Cambodia. I therefore believe that the problem will not accelerate but I worry about spreading rumours which could incite both sides," he said.

However, he said, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam are all neighbours they could escape to nowhere when they have problem but should living together with happiness.

Preeda Samkaew of PD Intertrade 92 said that his company had been doing business in Rong Klua border market for quite a long time and he sees Cambodians as important customers.

He did not want to see the border closure as it could affect people in business there.

Wichai Kulwutvilas of Smilephun said the diplomatic spat between Thailand and Cambodia could restrict sales opportunities for Thai products in the Cambodian market as there will be more competition from Vietnamese and Chinese companies. (TNA)

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