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Sunday, October 11, 2009

'The Amazing Race' reveals which team loses travel documents

Sunday's new episode of "The Amazing Race" features a situation that almost always means doom for one of the competing teams: somebody loses their passport while in Cambodia. We've really only seen passports be a major issue once in the past, when Dallas & Toni ended up finishing fourth on the race after being unable to find their passport in Russia. Thankfully they eventually ended up getting out of the country, but the mistake ultimately cost them the race.

Who will it happen to this week? If you don't want to know any potential spoilers for this next episode, then now is the time to turn away.

According to the web preview on the show's official site, best friends Zev & Justin end up being the team guilty of breaking this cardinal rule. Is it a surprise? Not really, since we've already seen Justin lose a clue in the water during this season. However, it would be too soon to say that this mistake could end up with them going the way of Dallas & Toni. The show isn't shying away from revealing the identity of the team that's making this blunder; at the same time, though, usually the "Race" doesn't tease the eliminated team so blatantly in a preview.

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