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Friday, January 15, 2010

Tasting Cambodia Ecotourism with

Ecotourism development is an emerging trend being developed for responsible tourists. Ecotourism is a current diversified form of tourism contributed to national economic growth.

Jan 15, 2010 – Ecotourism development is an emerging trend being developed for responsible tourists. Ecotourism is a current diversified form of tourism contributed to national economic growth. A new form of ecotourism development drives local community to a next stage to local livelihood improvement through alternative income, diversified job, capacity building and community empowerment.

Ecotourism development in Cambodian has been progressively developed in the northeastern area, where fabulous of biological species, life style and charming alongside region of the Mekong River, is not yet completely explored. With ecotourism development, community no longer predominantly depend on previous occupation, especially agricultural productivity, but having more opportunity to gain operational skills for ecotourism demands. Tourist involvement in ecotourism activities operated by local community is an act of stepping forwards to poverty alleviation responding to one of main millennium development goals. (Where to go in Cambodia:

With a wide variety of natural creational activities, you can enjoy cycling, trekking, boating, viewing landscape, and involving with local livelihood activities like agricultural activities which will immerse you a real combination of communities’ life experiences and natural tourism in Cambodia, a Kingdom of yet explored. Through accurate ecotourism activities, negative impact will be minimize, environmental and cultural experiences and respect will be built, experiences for both hosts and visitor will be provided, financial benefit will be contributed to conservation, community empowerment will be enhanced , and sensitivity of host environmental, political, social climate will be raised.

Cambodian communities are warm-hearted, friendly, and helpful. Tasting ecotourism and other types of tourism Cambodia is looking to serve, you will feel like you make your self at home as we greet you as resident and evoke you to revisit as family. Will you enjoy tasting ecotourism in The Kingdom of Wonder? Why not! We, Bayon Heritage Travel and Tours (More about Bayon Heritage Travel and Tours:, could drive you to taste the environmental friendly and responsible tourism with our hard working colleagues committed to ensure your quality experience via good packages provision. Waiting no more to see a charming and yet explored of the Southeast Asia. More details:

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Cambodian Senate approves expropriation law

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia's Expropriation Law was approved by the Senate on Thursday with 50 votes in favor among 52 senators present, official news agency AKP reported on Friday.

The law will allow authorities to withdraw legal ownership on land and other immovable properties for public development purposes and building infrastructure to serve the national benefit.

Through the law, an expropriation institution will be formed which is composed of an expropriation committee conducted by Ministry of Economy and Finance and its sub-committees at municipal and provincial levels, Chea Cheth, chairman of financing, banking and auditing commission, was quoted as saying on the Senate floor.

An independent evaluation commission or agency for land and immovable properties is formed so that the compensation is able to be paid to owners according to the land market prices, he said.

The law will be used for contribution to implementing the royal government's rectangular strategy for infrastructure rehabilitation and construction toward the national development, as well as the promotion of the Cambodian people's living, mainly poverty reduction and the creation of investment opportunity in the country, he added.

The draft law will come into effect when signed by His Majesty King Norodom Sihamoni.
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Cambodia cautions TVs and radios on religious broadcast

The Cambodian government has ordered all televisions and radios to not broadcast or air any comments that insult religious beliefs of other religion, according to an advisory, obtained Friday from Information Ministry.

In an advisory sent out this week to all televisions and radio stations across the country, the Ministry of Information said recently that there was one radio station airing comment saying only Christians who always distribute relief stuff to prisoners, the victims by typhoon and flood or earthquakes.

The advisory which was signed by Khieu Kanharith, Minister of Information said Buddhists are in great help of others when they are in need.

The advisory, however, said it was fine any televisions and radio to broadcast and air anything relating to all kinds of religions, but not to insult others.

It noted with appreciation that many programs that touch on religious affairs that help the society through the respect of morality, culture and tradition.

As many as 90 percent of 14 million Cambodian populations are Buddhists whereas the rest are Christians, Muslims as well as other ethnic believers.

According to Cambodian constitution, Buddhism is the state religion.

Source: Xinhua
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