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Friday, April 03, 2009

The latest casualties in Preah Vihea front

Preah Vihea heritage: war erupted for the second times between Siam Soldiers and Cambodia troops in Eagle Field at Preah Vihea temple. The second times of firefighting between both sides started at 2:45 PM April 03, 2009.

There was a fierce fighting in several locations of the front lines. There were several casualties on Siam side and all of the Siam soldiers were abandoned their posts and bunkers.

All the Siam military posts and bunkers were stepped on by Cambodian soldiers, except Beehives front line that have 30 soldiers each sides were not exchanged fire and the Siam commander raised White Flag asking for negotiation and told the Cambodian side not to fire at them.

according to the news from Kieu Kanharith, government spokesman, there were 4 Siam soldiers were killed and 10 others were captured. But according to the sources from the front line, there were many more wounded and died.

Helicopters came to transport the dead and wounds to hospital. The firefighting lasted about 50 minutes, Cambodian soldiers captured several locations including 20 houses in Battalion, west of Veal Enthrea. Read more!

Thai, Cambodia troops clash near disputed temple

Front line erupted with gun fire as Siam soldiers invading Cambodian sovereignty. Rockets were launched after sixthy Thai troops emerging in Eagle Field in the front line of Khmer soldiers, two Thai soldiers were dead and three were injured.

PHNOM PENH, Thai and Cambodian soldiers exchanged rifle and rocket fire on their disputed border near an ancient Hindu temple on Friday, but there were no reports of casualties, officials from both countries said.

"The armed clash began when Thai soldiers entered Cambodian territory. We fired rockets at the Thai soldiers," Cambodia's government spokesman Phay Siphan told Reuters.

In Bangkok, Thai Major General Kanok NetraKaveysana confirmed there had been a brief firefight early in the morning, but he had no reports of wounded or dead.

"It was a misunderstanding and it has been resolved," he said, without explaining further.

The fighting erupted a day after a Thai soldier was badly wounded when he stepped on a landmine near the 900-year-old Preah Vihear temple, where both sides have stationed troops since armed clashes in the area last year.

Tensions rose last month when 100 Thai troops crossed into a disputed area near the temple and were stopped by Cambodian soldiers, but no fighting occurred. The border had been quiet for months while the Southeast Asian neighbours sought to jointly demarcate the jungle-clad area where one Thai and three Cambodian soldiers died in last year's exchange of rifle and rocket fire.

Preah Vihear, or Khao Phra Viharn as it is known in Thailand, sits on an escarpment that forms the natural border between the two countries and has been a source of tension for generations.

The International Court of Justice awarded it to Cambodia in 1962, but the ruling did not determine the ownership of 1.8 square miles (4.6 sq km) of scrub next to the ruins, leaving considerable scope for disagreement.
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