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Monday, July 13, 2009

Malaysian-driven energy for Cambodia coastal town

HANOI, Malaysia’s Leader Universal Holdings Bhd will invest US$160 million (RM560 million) in a new coal-fired power plant in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, to meet the local increasing demand for electricity, Vietnam News Agency (VNA) reported.

Presently, the capacity of all power plants in the Southeast Asian nation is only around 410MW while the demand is estimated at 808MW, according to the local state-owned power company, “Electricite du Cambodge”.

The power plant with a designed capacity of 100MW is scheduled to commence its operations in 2012 after two years of construction, said Leader’s Managing Director Sean H’ng Chun Hsiang.

The company is a leading wire and cable producer located in Penang. The Group’s principal activities are manufacturing and selling telecommunication, power and optical fibre cables, and various electronic wires. Other activities include providing power generation services, property development, letting of properties, insurance agent and investment holding.

Besides Malaysia and Cambodia, the Group also carried out projects in Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Belgium and Saudi Arabia.

Sean also revealed a plan to develop a 700MW power plant in Sihanoukville and the project will start after the completion of the 100MW plant in 2012. Sihanoukville is a popular coastal town located about 200km south-west of Phnom Penh.

It is one of the fastest-growing regions in Cambodia due to its beaches and island hops as well as a few casinos currently in operation.

Cambodia currently relies on importing electricity, with 220MW from Vietnam and 30 MW from Thailand. – Bernama

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Khmer asylum seekers's Cambodia complaints

Nearly two dozen asylum seekers deported by Thailand to Cambodia more than 10 days ago are complaining of a lack food and harsh living conditions.

They are part of a group of 56 ethnic Khmers who fled southern Vietnam for Thailand between six months and six years ago.

The Phnom Penh Post says the rest of the Khmer Krom have now left the border area to seek shelter from friends and relatives in Cambodia.

But the remaining 23 deportees say they have no family in the country, and are surviving on charity outside the border town of Poipet.

Several members of the group have told the Post what they fear most is repatriation to Vietnam, where Khmer Krom say they face restrictions of freedom of expression and religion.
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THIRD EYE: Asian Edification, Unity For All, Wild Strawberries


LEGO. According to a Singapore media report, in “2012, you might be able to drive across the Second Link to Johor Baru and, in 15 minutes, catch a view of the Petronas Twin Towers, India’s Taj Mahal, Cambodia’s
Angkor Wat and Singapore’s Merlion — all at one go”.

Yes. It’s the Asian Legoland “slated to come up at the Iskandar Malaysia development region in three years’ time”.

Recruitment of builders is under way to piece together 30 million Lego bricks for the RM750 million, 23 ha theme park, “which will boast more than 30 rides, shows and attractions, from roller coasters and boat rides to adventure walks”.

Legoland is expected to create some 5,000 jobs. Syabas


QUESTIONS. According to media reports, Information, Communication and Culture Minister questioned Pas’
rejection of the idea of unity with Umno but willingness to cooperate with the DAP.

Also an Umno supreme council member, he said he could not understand why Pas was rejecting the the idea, which was benefi cial to the Malays.

“Why do they not want unity?

Malays are questioning this.”

He said the actions of the party in rejecting idea of a unity government mooted by the Pas president made it look as though it had internal problems.

It could be those in favour of the idea were being disfavoured, he said on the stump in Manik Urai.

Anyone interested in transethnic unity, YB?


CAMERON Highlands. According to media reports, “30 hectares of land in Cameron Highlands grown with strawberries are capable of producing RM70 million worth of the fruit each year”. Deputy Agriculture and
Agro-Based Industries Minister Datuk Rohani Abdul Kasim said the achievement was due to the proactive
measures taken by the ministry to ensure that the quality of strawberries produced here was on par with that of
imported strawberries.

“If previously the strawberries grown here were smaller and rather sour, now they are bigger, sweet and more delicious. Because of their better quality, the fruit has begun to be exported to Singapore,” he said when
launching the “One District, One Industry” programme. Sounds like Thailand’s One Tambun (village) One Product concept.
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