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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Cambodian PM promises non-political career for oldest son

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Senhas said that his oldest son Hun Manet will not enter politics, the English-Khmer language newspaper the Cambodian Daily reported Tuesday.

"In the future, I don't allow him to replace me as prime minister. I want him to do some charity work for his parents," Hunwas quoted as saying on Monday.

Hun denied a rumor that claimed his son would stand as a lawmaker candidate in Siem Reap province in the general election in July.

"I don't allow my son to be a lawmaker while I am a father in power," he said, adding that supporters have asked him to place his children in positions of power as his successors.

"We can't do that. It is a democracy. The children can't inherit (power)," he said.

Hun Manet is the star among Hun Sen's children. He graduated from the West Point Military Academy in the United States, later returned to Cambodia and conducted some charity work.

Hun Sen himself has been premier in the previous three governments of the kingdom from 1993 until now. His major-ruling Cambodian People's Party is now preparing to score a landslide victory in the upcoming general election and he is the sole party candidate for premiership.

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